A Few Favorite Publications:

Curiosity: A Christian Virtue- The Redbud Post

The Christian journey without inquisitiveness means blind acceptance of the status quo beliefs and behaviors of our religious and social circles.

5 Ways to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions – Christianity Today

The holy work of change requires a power much greater than personal discipline.

Discovering the sacred in the middle of the night
When changes come, fear and anxiety may arise to pester us, but we have an Advocate to help us through. The Lord is never surprised. Wherever you are going, He is already there, and He gently reaches a hand back to help you move forward. When it seems like He is unraveling your thread, He is simply altering something to complete His design.

The Beauty of Dependence – Foundling House

The journey is often the point. The trail bring us to sources of great beauty, but it also exposes our frailty—something we need to understand to make great art, or to have authentic relationships, or most importantly, to understand our need for salvation.

We Were Made For This – The Redbud Post

We were made for this stuff. Beauty. Enormity. Landscapes that artists can only copy. A pace that matches our soul beat.

Pruning The Fairy Tree –  The Redbud Post

Your tree, your life is one for great beauty. You are emblematic of your Creator. He is the one that can see how to redeem your story. He will cut you and prune you. It may hurt, but you will grow. You will maturate into something that he will use over and over to bring glory to himself.
I am who all of us are: a sinful, wholly loved child of God created in his image. I’m still learning what this means—how to let go of idols and false selves—and instead live awake to my identity in Christ and his kingdom purposes.