Advanced Practice Nurse + Writer

Navigating the mind, body, spirit connection with you.

Hi, I’m Heidi…

Advanced practice nurse. Writer. Married mother of 4.

Part-time professor. Full-time status quo questioner.

Change agent. Voice giver.

Redeemed woman of God.

Always curious. Usually adventurous.

Nature lover. Popcorn aficionado. 

Contemplating a life lived awake.


Though two decades of healthcare experience as a nurse and nurse practitioner, I’ve learned to view people wholly—mind, body, and spirit—and the rest of life in terms of systems—how parts affect the whole….so my writing tends to be an exploration of connectivity 

I’ve been a Christ follower since childhood and have a long-term relationship with the evangelical church but have struggled to feel comfortable there in recent years. I’m concerned about two things: 1) the way the Christian subculture is used as a substitute for the work of living as a disciple of Christ 2) the way women are relegated to having small voices in  many church settings.

When we understand Christ’s love, outward acts or spiritual checklists won’t be meaningful anymore, we’ll be invested in joining His redemptive work on earth. And when we understand how Christ views women, as uniquely gifted and full image bearers of Christ, there won’t be concern about keeping them in certain roles that often mean treating women as something to be feared or denying them the use of their gifts.

Living a healthy and awake life takes thoughtful awareness and intentional action. I invite you to explore faith, justice, health, relationships, and parenting with me here.


I’ve been married for over 15 years to a great guy that shares my love of travel, reading, music, and backpacking, so we’re still having fun together. Mothering began in 2009; I birthed our four children in a span of 5 1/2 years which has undone me in wonderful and difficult ways. My master’s degree in nursing was earned at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center 2007, after receiving my BSN at Hope College in 2000. Because I’m addicted to learning, or a glutton for punishment, I’m planning to pursue my doctorate of nursing practice starting Fall 2019.

Things I Love

Spending time in nature, listening to indie-folk music, playing games with friends, spending time with my family, drinking chai tea lattes, and working out before my kids get up. 

Personality Traits:

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): ESFJ

Enneagram: 3 w/ 4 wing

Strengthsfinder: Activator, Maximizer, Discipline, Input, Relator